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It is of importance to note that the National Biff-Burger System (NBBS), formerly located in the Clearwater-Largo-Tampa area of Florida, and its franchised Biff-Burger Drive-In locations have been out of business since the mid-1970s.

The National Biff-Burger System, a subsidiary lastly owned by Resorts International, Inc. went defunct in 1976, despite the fact that Resorts International still exists today in the Hotel and Casino arena. There is NO official corporate website for Biff-Burger due to the company being defunct.


This fan-based web site was created with the intent to act as the official national clearinghouse and historical repository for Biff-Burger related information documenting any former Biff-Burger Drive-In location, as well as the National Biff-Burger System (NBBS), for the historical preservation and enjoyment by Biff-Burger viewers like YOU !

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