Biff-Burger "Special" Sauce !
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  Here is a recipe for the awesome special sauce that Biff-Burger restaurants used to dip their burgers with. This version comes from a viewer, named Pam, a former worker at a Biff-Burger in Central Florida many years ago.

She noted that the sauce was made in large quantities at one time in a 5 gallon bucket and notes the following ingredients....

3 large cans Ketchup   (#10 Can, 115 oz, The big ones restaurants use)
2 cups Mustard   (Could be 3 cups, but start with 2)
3 cups Sweet Pickle Relish   (Could be 4 cups, but start with 3)
1/2 cup Salt
1/8 cup Ground Ginger
6 tsp. Liquid Smoke

Please note that this recipe is for rather large quantities !

For smaller quantities, please click on button. Biff-Burger Sauce Recipe

Note:  If you worked at a Biff-Burger many years ago or have another version of the special Biff-Burger dipping sauce, we would like to hear from you! Please drop us a line.  

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